Stacy Bloom is a talented girl with amazing charisma, natural beauty, and responsible approach to everything. Stacy Bloom was born in Moscow, unusual for Russian girls beauty inherited due to its origin - it is present mixed blood ivory coast. She grew up in Moscow, more than nine years worked as a model in the genres of Nude, lingerie, erotica, she worked as an actress, dancer in show ballet. At 26, Stacy decided to try herself in the adult industry, which has always been interested. In this she finds an expression of  her talents, her ideas, her view of passion, and of course the expression of her sexy natural body and temperament, of African descent, and Russian. Stacy have a lot of plans for the future, in the adult and show industries, and working a lot about this. 


"All my life i worked a lot, about all what i done. If you do something - do it perfect. If you don't do it perfect - work about this. If you doesn't work about this - don't do it, don't close the way for talent people. 
My natural body - not just a result of my genetic. It's my work, during all my life, since childhood - professional dances, always gym, always control. My body is my temple for the soul, for my passionate, for my woman's energy. I ready to share it in what i am doing. Do what you like, enjoy what you do! And be in Bloom!"