2020. 1 January.

One year ago, i became adult performer. It was new step for me, and, yes, i had very difficult situation. From my 35 friends with me stayed 3 friend. Always right was said: real friend will stay with you when you are in difficult moments". And it happened. So, i known, that adult industry - is a "ticket to the one way". And i need understand for what i came, and which goals i have for the future. Cause if i have no, i will not. So, i finished my past, i began new life. I decided to use all possibilities for maximum. Cause our life is too short to spend our time for nothing. Next year there are starting my own 3 projects. Let's keep in touch, and, i wish you be in Bloom next year, forever and ever))))

Best regards, Stacy Bloom.

Ph Savichev Aleksander.

Place: Moscow.