About VENUS BERLIN 2019!

It was great experience! I was glad to meet with my fans, to talk with them, it's great that people came for meeting and fun! I appreciate this. There was different people who interested of Erotic and Sex culture, included Art. It was my dream - to be in place, where Art, Sex, And Erotic have market. I have seen new platform for me, my Art, and show. When i worked in Moscow, my dream was make show in Berlin. And on VENUS EXPO i had this chance. Chance which i will use in the future. Chance fo my Art, Chance for my Striptease and Burlesque show, Met with interesting people for next collaboration - and, my next plan - make striptease webcam show. I known about this more - and i will make everything for realize this. About my news, channels where i work, live show . - you will know from my blog. Be in Bloom, follow me. Kiss, kiss.

P.s. T

hank you that following me! I NEVER thought that have so much fans! It's funny, somebody came special for me, someone came special from Russia!!! I honored! Thank you!

your Stacy Bloom.